NBFC (Non Banking Financial Companies) Takeover Services

Following is the Services we offer for NBFC takeover

                 i.             Locating the NBFC Company which is suitable according to the clients Requirements.

                ii.             Negotiating and finalising the deal as per the clients requirements.

                iii.            Carrying out Due Diligence on the target company.

                iv.           Preparation of KYC documents as per RBI requirements which are necessary for getting RBI approval for change of management.

                v.            Drafting of Agreements, MOU and Share Purchase Agreement which are required to carry out the transaction successfully.

                vi.           Submission of KYC documents and other related documents to RBI, Getting RBI permissions etc...

                vii.           Assisting in completion of process by filling all forms with ROC, RBI effecting such change of management.

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